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Poems by Peter Huta

Double Dead
(Male Toilets, Woden Bus Interchange)

A urinal,
a canvas of sorts,
decorated in Aerosol spider sprays
of reds and blacks:

tribal names and nicknames;
tight closed circles of teenage love;
cruel spirals of timid loathing;
obligatory four letter words of alliance,
of false courage and of fear.

Turning, I see on the wall -
sprayed in the same black Aerosol script -
"People with Heroin",
and underneath,

"Death x Dark x Death";
this is what it is then
to die doubly,
with only darkness as intermission.

Black Stone

I'll count the mirrors in your eye,
keeping still the labours of my heart;
becoming a perfect black stone of silent love

deaf to the cracking sound of the first frost breaking,
of sorrow forming out of moments loss in memory;
like a cloud, despite itself, drifting across an open sky,

falling out into the invisible commotion of a day
unlike any other, bringing a last rain,
leaving the streaks of the past upon the window pane;

the faint wind sway of limbs and
untidy leaves in a perfect litter of decay;
crisp and brittle sight like twigs of winter trees.

Two Line Notes

Two line notes
where once two page letters lay -
time -
distance -
separate lives,
creating acquaintances
out of friends.

And notes give way to
nothing in the mail,
and two new strangers
are born into the world today.

The Spider's Web

These are the days
when I can almost begin
to feel myself dying.

Lying in the dark,
clinging to the night;
screaming out of that silence.

And in the half light,
a spider's web breaks
and falls across my open mouth.

Merciful Fate

" mercyful fate "
scrawled in black
on the mangled side
of this bus-shelter.

And on the back,
in a bolder hand
the words "Bong On".

And a sigh is written in red,
between the swastika
and the withered rose;
the simple words,

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Biographical sketch: Peter has been writing poetry since 1984 and has a dozen or so poems published. His favourite
poet is Sylvia Plath.

Peter Huta recommends:

Sylvia Plath Collected Poems by Ted Hughes (editor)
Reason: The full collection of Sylvia Plath's poems. An incredible intensity and depth of feeling. Amazing use of
imagery and language.

Recommendations for writers:

Let yourself out! Plug into the cosmic and into your own heart.


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