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Poems by Patrick Calinescu


I don’t know.
But I need
A cruel deed
To adore
Or abhor
More or more
Less or less –
Innovation for

What am I?
Scattered through the round

I don’t know.
But I hope
I will keep
Crawling low.

Why am I
A drastic
And elastic
Painful road?

I don’t know.
All I do
Is do dare
When and where
Ancient new
Solar low.

And something more
And something less:
Innovation for


Cancer, cancer,
Are you denser,
So much denser
With sins than my
Mother’s censer?

Cancer, cancer,
Are you tenser,
So much tenser
Than sins of my
Mother’s censer?

Cancer, cancer,
Be a censor,
Such a censor
Of sins of my
Mother’s censer!


Who are you
To admit
That I might
Lose my wit?

Who are you
To astound
What may be
Purely round?

Who are you
To enhance
The disease
Of nonsense?

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Biographical sketch: I am a student at one of the many worldwide faculties of Letters and like poetry above all.

Patrick Calinescu recommends:

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare
Reason: It is one of the best 20th century editions which is said to render, for the average reader, all the splendour of Shakespeare's fist edition: The First Folio.

Recommendations for writers:

I happen to agree to all those who more or less have said, in kantian spirit, that a true artist must be, above all, interested in his/her own lack of interest whenever art is 'produced'.


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