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This is for the spirits bold, with hearts of gold,
and loving eyes,
and forgiving souls.

Seems the price of devotion,
is payment in pain,
all in the name of science,
with nothing to gain.

So, in silence you suffer,
at the hands of another,
for no greater good,
than the greed of the other.

But, from the evil among us, are those with a soul,
and its their struggle for justice,
your story is told.

This is for the souls of old,
whose hearts grew cold,
who shattered lives,
and bodies sold.

Mark my word,
your time will come,
when you'll have to answer,
for the things you,ve done.

For your wicked ways,
are numbered days,
and you'll pay the price,
for the hell you've raised.

So, when your number's up,
and your name is pulled,
may God have mercy,
on your soul.

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Biographical sketch: Divorced female with lots of time on her hands.

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Reason: I''ve never been into poetry before. This is my first.

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I like poetry that rhymes, and it has to make sense.


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