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WINTER (reprise)

winter subsides,
watery and soft

and the sky is with grey blue cloud
and the wind returns warm (in spring)
and sara thinks it beautiful

but you were cruel in the cold sara,
like sharp ice killing in cold air
perhaps a new humanity
would be more agreeable here

sara you were hurt in the cold (and so)
sara you caused such human harm

you were so inhumane, and sara
the beauty cares for the beast
and spring comes again (anyway)
and the sky is with grey blue clouds

and the wind returns warm so close
and there is such beauty so close
and you watch till it ends sara
and you observe so quietly

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Biographical sketch: From New Zealand. I am a boy. I am at school soon, and working in a produce section now.

overoceanbeside recommends:

A Collection Of Fairytales by the way it was beautiful. Written by George MacDonald

Reason: Beautiful Good. Imagination.

Recommendations for writers:

Connotations as well as meanings perhaps and a purpose of help to those being communicated to.


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