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Poems by Overlap


uncertainty about you and me
wondering minds want to know
how can i answer them
im lost in you
drowning fast
but still breathing
your breath
iv tried to run
but keep triping
over your voice
and continueing to try and forget you
but your always there
your camping in my brain
and wont leave
like you like watching me suffer
with the thoughts of you
do you think its funny
to see me in it so deep
love is a word
that comes unaturally to me
and to forget you would normally be easy
but now its so hard
i want you to just pack up and leave
and let me be
is that to hard to ask
or do you really love me?



im feeling the pressure
of you stare
the way your eyes
seem to be lost in me
im some deep trance
its almost scary
in some way
like your taking my soul
and holding it hostage
through your eyes
like the world has turned black
and the only light is me
so i pretend to not notice
i just look away
but i still feel
the pressure
of your obsessed, crazed stare.



they see him
and turn their heads
the people who at one point had an ocean of love
but now their ocean is dry
and the fishes dead
scared of what they dont know
they run
and hes left behind crawling
through this hell...he calls life
hollow-and short of breath
he screams
and his voice echos
of his wall of fear-
fear of distruction
fear of death
fear of being alone...
his voice now scratchy and dry
with nothing but a dried out ocean near by
the clouds roll over
his body aches
he can no longer crawl
just lies helpless and scared
his wall now tall and strong
he lies...knowing its his time to die...


he says the world is against him
everything has turned black
he cant see ten feet in front of him
his eyes sting from his tears
his face red from the pain
he says what is their for me
in this world full of chaos?
all the voices have blended to one tone
everyone has the same face
everything is dark
he says ill just go to sleep
escape from my worries
but the world just eats him
even in his dreams
hes running
but keeps running down that same road
and triping over his own feet
he feels theirs no way out
he feels tiered
his shoes are wore to the soals
he feels empty, drained
he says ill just take this to sleep
turns out the light
wipes his tears
takes a deap breath
and says goodnight.

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Biographical sketch: i'm just me...l like poetry

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just to write your feelings...freely and to make it come from the heart...because in the end that's all that matters.


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