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Poems by Osiris

Through the endless emptiness of the
Ever-growing network
I am screaming your name.
My thoughts are the message,
My mind is the amplifier.

In this vast ocean,
anonymity is my covering,
covering my courage,
those eight bytes my love.

In the end there might be silence,
but can you hear the whisper
with ears so death?

Virtual omnipotence is
Real weakness.
I will never forget that again.

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Biographical sketch: I am the egyptian god of death.

Osiris recommends:

Die Wahlverwandtschaften (GERMAN) by Goethe (GERMAN)

Reason: It Goethe's greatest epic piece, dealing with jealousy and love.

Recommendations for writers:

Be sure you write your poems, so YOU like them. This is more important, than other people liking them. I think.


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