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Poems by oneluckiegrl

you love me
you love me not
you told me once
but i forgot
if i should die before i wake
my heart in heaven
i will wait
if you're not there
by judgement day
i'll know you went the other way
i'll give the angles back their wings
golden crowns and everything
just to prove my love
it's true i'll go to
hell just to be with you.

was it such a miracle?
the angel was crying.
do you even care?
the devil is dying.

do you see what she sees?
tears of blood pour over me.
do you feel what he feels?
a sea of fire is drowning me.

can you comprehend?
are you overwhelmed?
do you understand?

the angel and the devil
are one and the same.
and all the while,
they have the same name.

they are the same person,
if you don't see.
they have two separate souls,
living in me.

pick up the paper
pick up the pen

release those feelings
hiddin within

write about anger
write about lust

tell me your story
of love turned to dust

take me on a jurney
inside your mind

feel the ball of stress
slowly unwind

it can be silly
or dark if you please

i promise you soon
it will all come with ease.

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Biographical sketch: most of my life has been of woe and heartbreak,so that is what i write about.

oneluckiegrl recommends:

A Night Without Armor by Jewel
Reason: this book is very unique because the author hold nothing of her talent back....she has inspired me greatly

Recommendations for writers:

the most important thing is that you write from the heart, let everything out.



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