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Poems by Nathan


An Angel died of last night late.
A man on earth hath sealed his fate.

The Angel died to save a boy from beasts.
The one She saved now has a wife he beats.

My Angel died, she died for me.
Now what will happen, what will I be?

Through My Eyes

The world is a joke
And I am the punch line.
My pain is unreal
Though slightly benign.
I may seem to stagger
Still I walk a strait line.
You know not my actions
But you will in time.
I only have shelter
When the sun does shine.
This is the end
For a soul less divine.

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Biographical sketch: 16 years old. I am looking for some inspiration to write more.

Nathan recommends:

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
Reason: It is one of the greatest poems ever written. That is, in my opinion.

Recommendations for writers:

Don,t think, poetry is should not be forced but should be an expresion of how you feel.


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