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She cries,
And this time,
It's allowed.

Her vegetable child, no.
Her broken everything, no.
Held down, twisted, no.
No, never, no.

A final gaze,
A final prayer.
A final touch, kiss,

A father lowered gently,
Then gone.

She cries,
And this time,
It's allowed.

This time.

"Rock Springs, Wyoming"

About fifty miles back,
my radiator blew sky high.
These fucking Malibus
Are such pieces of shit!

That being the case,
And since I'm a few HowdyPards
In arrears to the boys at Rip Griffin's,
I booth alone.

I look up from the delectable cobbler.
Here comes Santa Claus, right
down motherfucking Santa Claus Lane.
What a red-suited fuck he is.
Give me some toys,
I might find some kids.

The truckstop lights glow
Heavy in the dull rain.
"Sure we got rooms
Twenty two a night"

I check in. A bottle
Of Jack keeps pleasant company,
So will this Penthouse magazine.

Not much else to report.

"San Diego"

The randier the better, cap'n
So she begins,
And doesn't stop 'til dawn
Though the Navy doesn't appreciate stains,
Especially in a man's whites,
What's a rear admiral to do?

For a sprawling shithole,
San Diego has a good rep.
When I say I think the place sucks, here is what the
locals say:
"Hell, you can cash a check on every corner
Freak down a couple hos in Miramesa,
Even take in the Zoo once a year or so."

I'll spot the place fish tacos, that's all.

To me, El Centro is a real man's town.
Mano y mano!
A hard piss to the 3rd world.
Puta del Yanqui, her name is Jacy.

Ain't no ventilation in this truck.

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Biographical sketch: A part time poet, like most, I aspire to create poetry that is meaningful and
entertaining to myself and others. I have been writing for about five years.

mrslam recommends:

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Reason: One of the oldest books of poetry, it provides spiritual guidance in times of strength and

Recommendations for writers:

I always come back to expressing raw emotions and trying to relate things that are important to


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