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Poems by Mostafa Mofidi

My beloved one
I wish for you
As does growth for sun,
And body for soul,
And "being" for "becoming",
And heart for happiness.
I wish for you in the dark of loneliness,
And in every moment of detachment.
In florid smile of blossom,
And purity of dawn,
I look for you;
In fragrant breeze of spring,
I smell you.

My solitaire and hidden treasure,
My lost melody,
My wandering hope,
You are.

Green music
How brief life is
And how short our happiness!
In nightly silence,
I listen to the green music of the plants,
And silent symphony of life,
In the growth of young shoot.
I hear the secret of being,
In fluttering of bird's wings;
And absorb,to my body and soul,
All being,all life.

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Biographical sketch: a 59 years old Iranian GP,also interested in literature,poetry included.I have been
working for many years as translator in psychology,social sciences,and literature .My last literary work is a brief collection of poems.I am married and have two children.

Mostafa Mofidi recommends:

poems by Hermann Hesse
Reason: The air of sympathy for human pains and and solitude felt in it. I feei some kind of nostalgia for what, it is as if mankind has lost nowadays: feeling of unity with nature and love for human being.

Recommendations for writers:

beauty,love sympathy in their broadest meaning.



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