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Poems by MoonShine

Dream Interpretation

I dreamed there was a rooster bound,
by Ravens claw to cold hard ground.
I made old Raven fly away,
before his claw could sink and stay.
I held the rooster, turned him round,
although I searched, no wound I found.
So I layed him in a bed of hay,
and carefree he slept until the day.

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Biographical sketch: A 17 yr old female Saggitarian, with a love of animals, people and travel. Been writing since I was 12.

MoonShine recommends:

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Reason: I love the riddles in this book and the songs, especially Roads go ever on and on...

Recommendations for writers:

To express what I am feeling, sight, sound, touch, from my opinion, with the world.


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