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A Love So Sweet

She was young, Maybe too young
maybe not young enough.
She was pure and spoiled.
Innocent and corrupt and beautiful.

Beautiful as only the young can be.
More radiant then a sunrise full of daily promises, or a moonlit garden where morning vows are kept.
For these can only hint at the pleasures she could give.
Plesures beyound her beauty or her youth.
Her youth filled with prophecy of love and fantasy did not betrey her knowledge of herself nor the eloquence she
has to lure and conquer.
To overwhelm with desire a mans will to resist.
To emaculate his conscience.

With the beauty of her breast and power of her thighs she took control.
Leading me tothe fountain of her youth, Where I drank and filled me, of a love so sweet that for evermore I will
be lost in it's memory.

Love she gave freely, while taking everything.
A moment of weakness became a time of truth.
When a love born of desire and innocence was consumed in the passionate fires of sin.
A sin un-repented, un-forgiven, Cherished.

A moment of love that has condemmed to the one truth of eternity.
That no other love would ever be as pure or sweet and if damnation is my reward, let it be.
For there is no greater hell then to have tasted the first taste, of a love so sweet.

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