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Poems by Mohammad Badri

Wild Roses

Early in the morning,
I carried bundles of wild Roses,
for you in my arms.
As I passed through the river,
in my way to your home.
The flow of water became so distressing.
My arms lost their grips;
And, so their proficiency.
The Roses were lost to the flow.
The face of the river turned flamboyant,
for sometime .
I watched the Roses passed me by.
But, if you wish to smell the Roses?
Tonight, rest your face on my arms.

Copyright 2000 Mohammad Badri


I remained unsure!
of mystery behind
the last drink you offered me,
in the middle of night.
Under the gleaming moon,
you caught my heart by surprise,
along with my mind,
that was the melancholy of my heart.
You acted more sophisticated,
than Juliet in Romeo era.
Were you hunting
hearts just for pleasure?
Or, was your innocence
making all the charisma?
But, you persist hosting my heart,
and keeping it as your infinite home.
Why do you intend to reside
in such ruined sanctuary,
which has been the center of disasters
in many occasions?

Copyright 1999 Mohammad Badri

My Books
by Mohammad Badri

they are all over
in my tinny place
they are best friends
i can't say it less
under my pillows
over the beds
on the floors
covering my desk
above the kitchen counters
on top of furnitures
they stayed with me
as other friends left
they are bridges
linking with the past
getting me ready
for the challenges
they standing by me
keeping me company
the days of sorrow
and loneliness
they cultivating my behavior
motivating sources for the future
guiding me through the life
teaching right from wrong
they don't let me down
never stabbing from behind
they are such a relief
for the ailing hearts
they are full of joy
giving me support
causing me smile
before making me cry
regretting for the past
time has been waste
services are free
they seek no prize

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Biographical sketch: I am a graduate student at University of South Alabama. I have shared my poems and articles locally and internationally. I enjoy practicing the art of meaningful writing. Furthermore, I try
to offer my poem readers an imaginary illustration of the prospect.

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Reason: Very meaningful and sensational to the readers.
It will take to you beyond the curtains and secrets of human beings

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I found it very meaningful and sensational to the readers. It takes you beyond the curtains of mysteries as reveals the secrets surrounding the universe.



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