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Poems by moabjoe

Taken Aback

Step Away and fall back
Across the days
Against the grain
Step Away- and be saved

Recall the time
In summers glow
before the frost
endured by all
encased your heart
in a lonely daze

That time- relive
in favored dreams
when tears uncried
and love relieved
the pain of days to come

Move forward then
to face the day
when the world will spin
and we will dream
and once renewed
will vow to face
ourselves again.

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Biographical sketch: Student of language and ideas.

moabjoe recommends:

Shakespeare's Sonnets by William Shakespeare

Reason: The uncanny ability of Shakespeare to verbalize the beauty of our human condition in a
structured setting points to his genius and true knowledge of love, life, and everything that truly matters.

Recommendations for writers:

To me, capturing emotion and acting on inspiration grant poems the earthy spirit of true human life. By implementing personal style and creativity, poetry achieves the voice and heart of the poet, and speaks louder than the poet in many instances.


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