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I believe
in the Technology Revolution
because computers
allow me to forget.
I depend
on their mechanical reality,
the coiled keyboard cord
a tether:
reality to ennui,
astride searching engines
where computers
become personified,
accessible, benevolent
and I am
a supplicant

to knowledge.
Username: lost
But the screen shivers
with metallic Geometry,
like the angle of the arm;
the syringe
obeys all laws of Physics.
Insides plunged
outside the Planck
into the Binary world
where Zero,
being nothing
and One,
meaning something

in endless
selective marriages,
opening pathways
as intricate
as capillaries,
and flowing,
the current,
so much like

Feeling, but not being.
Zero and One,
cycle insentient,
and I remain
a penitent
to the Sensual world.

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Biographical sketch: Somewhere between Generation X and oblivion.

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Reason: Sees beyond the veil that obscures mundane sight.

Recommendations for writers:

Editing is perhaps more important than writing, as it mirrors the existential examination of one's own life.


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