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Poems by Mike Garton

Behind the wall of sound
there bops a hungry head
that thinks its found the food
with which the spiritīs fed

Beneath the mesh of stars
there drifts an ailing voice
that thinks its reached a place
where happiness is choice

I could kill if I had some strength
but torment wrenched the heart
and rendered me naked
in a boiling pool of hate

Then when I had a hole in my heart
then songs were paths
and passion persuaded
the skies to turn my way
the road rose to meet me
and spontaneity held me
in the palm of its hand
when mood was fundamental
all in all nothing
and no bone broken accidental
nothing came and nothing went
yet something stayed
and all seemed heaven sent
when future ate the past
and hordes and hordes
of green men
prophesied end
after end
after end
in perpetual imminence pretend
the shit the earth secretes is great
the cauldron toils and spoils the fate
and the eternal drum of chaos
rumbles on relentless
cause its neither yes nor no now
as we chant these senseless words
with sakeless zest
to the sway of a pumping chest
and down
a spiral of glowing splinters
to the gripping mould
of lifeīs cold winter
spills the meat of life
skin cracks like ice
in a flash or two
you become dust
and the dust becomes you.

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Biographical sketch: I am English but have spent most of my life in Germany. I am 21 years old and study anthropology at Sussex University.

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Reason: Dense and thoroughly thought out use of sounds. Passionate and heartwrenching themes.

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