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Poems by mike30111

Blind Faith

Three monkeys with their faces covered,
Eyes, ears and mouth, sat in our family tree
Above which no angels hovered
North or south, to help watch over me.
And so no evil did we see.
You saw to that with the back of your hand.
And hear no evil? Not we three,
Blind as bats, drowned out by the band.
"Speak not! You are too dumb
To say a truth you cannot hear or see."
Besides, the lies had left us numb,
And so, deaf, dumb and blind were we.
"I'll tell you all you need to hear,
Show you what to see, what to say.
And though you live in abject fear
just trust in only me, you'll be okay.
I'll show you truth, I swear it's so,
But don't talk about it to anyone but me.
Even if you yhink you know,
Want to shout it, the truth it cannot be.
Unless it was said by me. You see?"


So now I have a broken heart that somehow I must heal
If I am to grow beyond the sadness I now feel.
I must grieve and I must cry, then let these feelings go
If I am ever to be happy. Oh yes, this I know.

The grief that I now carry is for the child I never was.
The child who couldn't do the things a happy child now does.
The child who tried so hard to be someone his Dad could love,
And ended up just being there, instead, for him to shove.

Now when I seek the child inside to come on out and play
He says he isn't worthy, and so right there he'll stay.
If he were worth a damn you see, his Dad would have been proud
To have him for a son, he would have told the world out loud.

But I wasn't worth enough to get that kind of praise.
So I just hide inside and watch these weary wasted days
Go by never to come again, no never to be seen
By the happy laughing child I never could have been.

Goodbye my child. I grieve for you that never got to live.
Goodbye my child. I cry for you that never learned to give.
Goodbye my child. I am so sad you never got to be.
Goodbye my child. For all these years you've been so close to me.

But now I'm going to let you go.I'll bury you in tears.
I'll have a heart-felt funeral as I put away your fears.
We can both now say goodbye to all that hateful scorn.
It's time for him to die so that another can be born.

You, child, will have a father who can love you as he should.
A man who'll look inside his child and find some things are good.
A man this child can love without being shoved away.
A man who understands and cares and shows it every day.

Oh yes, I know it can be true, this fantasy can be.
Because my inner child's new loving Dad, it will be me.

Pride's Lament

Why must I wait till I'm brought to my knees
To look inward and ask "God help me please"?
Why should I find it so hard to believe
That in God's eyes I might earn a reprieve
>From struggling on, alone and in pain
To overcome my own mind's refrain?
It is my own mind, but it once was taught
By those who's love and guidance I sought.
Those who felt love and compassion, it seems,
Were only the stuff of delusional dreams.
Now my mind reeks of these awful beliefs
And I feel unworthy to ask for relief
>From some unseen power Who doubtlessly would
Grant my request, if only I could
Learn to surrender this coward's control
That I now maintain at the cost of my soul.
How do I learn at this late age to trust?
And yet, for my soul's sake I know I must.
And so once again we come back around
To the point where I find I can't utter a sound
To ask for the help I know He would send
If I had the right to ask Him to mend
The teers in my heart. I still cling to them so.
If I just had the faith to let them all go
To a God I am sure would grant me such ease
If I opened my heart, just once, and said please.

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Biographical sketch: I am 46 years old, live in Albuqueque, new Mexico and started using poetry for a
theraputic tool.

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