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Poems by Melissa Neely

Only One Can Breath"
By Melissa Neely

Take a breath
A breath you must not fight
One breath given by your heart
That can be given to your soul
One breath so pure that it would be sought-after by the heavens.

A breath that is distinctive
Special from all others
A breath breathed by God but given to you
A gift so brilliant that it in itself is time without end.

Never disappearing - always shimmering in the night
Floating in the stars and going to places afar
With the breath being as soft as satin yet as tough as love
Withstanding the cold and fever
And weathering the rage of the storm

That is a breath a single breath -
A gift given to you by God -
Because we all know, only one can be breath.

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Biographical sketch: Seventeen and loves to write

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