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Poems by Melissa Merlot

There for me.

Friendship is a candle burning in the wind.
The soft moonlight that follows darkness.
A melody tuned to the heart.
Sunlight through the clouds.
A smile through the tears.
The river that guides me home.
Trust rewarded.
Love shared.
Dreams encompassed.
You are all these things and more.
When you need me.
Just fall, I'll catch you.


Today I saw you in the sky.
Smiling down at me.
I see you all the time.
In the leaves falling from the trees.
The grass on which they land.
The pebbles in the stream.
You are everywhere.
You are within everything.
So I asked the sky.
What does it all mean?
The sky replied with a gentle wind.
That took my hand and pointed within.
As though to say we are all here.
We share our loves, our joys, and our fears.
Come the sacred end, when all is done.
We shall all unite and return to one.

Rainbow wheel.

The sky radiates indigo,
As the sun burns bright orange.
The clouds, silhouetted purple,
Tickled by sunrays of gold.
The grass is cool and green,
Divided by the hot red rocks.
As I follow the brilliant blue water,
Of the stream to your house.
I thank god for his gift of colour.
And the way they compliment one another.
Diversity is beauty, when you discover.
Love knows every colour.

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Biographical sketch: Eyes are the window of the soul, and words are the doorway.

Melissa Merlot recommends:

The way of passion by Andrew Harvey

Reason: It descibes how love can pour out of the soul with timeless words. Rumi's poems echoed with love then and now.

Recommendations for writers:

Always listen to your heart. Feelings are the most important thing when writing anything.



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