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Poems by marx


Your hair
Aloft with the wings of butterflies
Dances on the seven oceans of my dreams
Wrapping itself silken around my throat
Binding my hands and feet
Here, entangled in the wistful vermeil
I see your eyes open
As two phantasmagorical blue monisms
And I don’t want to wake

Heaven and Hell

I perform upon wants
In the morning of your memories
Where I lost you
Two bows over foggy droppings
Plucking the clarities of my mysteries
As a suit his suitor
These things are fatal
Like the maturation apostasy
Alone I am brilliant
With you and humbled
Calling me for the gloom here
I’ve slept for months
Awakened by the brow of its dew
I am married in heaven and hell

I Swim My Fingers Fluid

I swim my fingers fluid,
Through it,
In your slippery reminiscent residue

Save for even to invoke one iota,
Pomona's quota,
An infinitesimal moment of tempered thought

I sow its seeds in sinewy eternities,
Red Mulberry memories,
Conceiving hyacinths for which to hold your sweet rains

Gently on their silken blossomed pedals below,
Style reposed,
I stealth in awed suspension for returns to the epicurean meadow

Pudicit Mit

Rattling the remains of ancient Eturia
The sprout
Your seedless creation
Licentious and long
Reaching for Babylonia's beast
Stiffens with the scent of the kill
I am cleansed and crucified
In the dance's abeyance
And the silence unveils
Your treasure


There is an umbilical cord stretching through my belly
Resting like a tapeworm on the rainsoaked tenement
Connecting me to the sunrise
The sunset
The moon
Swaying me taut at the whim Of the galaxy's dance

And by witness of my secrets
My yearnings
I am now released in the Phosphorescence of the forest
Following in the footsteps
The siren's fluid refrain
The perambulations impetuously palpitating my longing

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Biographical sketch: I am presently a Senior at the University of Central Florida studying Humanities and English while in pursuit of graduate studies.

marx recommends:

Selected Poems by T.S. Eliot

Reason: The book, a collection of Eliot's best known work, is a visual landscape of beautifully astute observations.

Recommendations for writers:

Concern yourself with both the rhythm of your pen and your diction.



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