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Poems by M.A.R.Paterson

His legs so straight thick and hard,
His feet looked small and wide apart,
A clanging sound emerges from,
The rusty plough and old steel prong,
That old man of eighty-four,
He is the richest of the poor,
His life was over sought the town,
When he came home, his head hung down,
Twas' WW1 he fought in,
With all his pride and boyish sin,
He remembers too well the dreadful day,
That bloody war took his legs away,
He came home as half a man,
Cruel eyes glared across the land,
He was but still an angry boy,
Stripped of his honor and his joy,
He bought himself a little farm,
And made good use of his two arms,
Doctors made two legs and brace,
Wood and leather strapped to his waist,
He may be eighty-four in years,
And his eyes have shed so many tears,
Yet his heart is filled with little hate,
And life's almost reached its used by date,
But he's such a happy man,
With his farm and his land,
With his two wooden legs,
And his home brew kegs,
Yet still he believes the rich are deprived,
Cause he's an old man that's cruelly alive.

I was sitting in a bar,
Up Alice way,
With a couple of me mates,
And an old healer stray,
We'd had a few beers,
Then headed for the door,
Off to catch forty winks,
When we heard that mighty roar,
>From inside the creaky dunny,
Came running Teddy Rankles,
With his strides wrapped around,
His skinny little ankles,
In full view to one and all,
He stopped and stared at us,
His face pale with fright,
Then he ran toward the bus,
Laughter burst from everywhere,
They yelled,'She's not awake.',
Curled up on the dunny floor,
Was Harriet the Snake,
That story is often told,
Cause yes it is quite funny,
But Teddy doesn't dare to use,
The likes of another dunny,
And Harriet's still curled up,
On that dusty floor,
Watching as they run with fright,
Through that dunny door.

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Biographical sketch: Poetry, my family trait with words. I love to write, for friends, family and pleasure. It's me, it's my life.

M.A.R.Paterson recommends:

Song of the pen by Banjo Paterson
Reason: His words cover the pages describing a true love for Australia. I admire his talent, his wit as his love for life are expressed in every word.

Recommendations for writers:

I love rhyming poetry so when I write have the last word for the next line in my head and the rest just falls into place.


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