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Poems by Mark Anthony Thomas

When Jesus Turned His Back On Me

I turned my back on Jesus,
So he turned his back, On me.
And when he turned,
My soul burned with guilt,
For my eyes saw the scars,
That he bared,
And the pain of mine,
That he shared,
And I saw the days,
When I gave up,
But he,
Still cared,
And showed me that
My suffering was not unfair…
…presented through these scars,
These scars inflicted,
when he took credit,
credit for my sins,
And co-signed with God,
To give me a chance,
A chance at life again.


I was only a child in the womb and
never saw the break of day.
But it never entered my thoughts
That ‘you’ would take my life away.
From the moment I came to be,
I always had faith in ‘you.’
Hoping to see your beautiful face,
But now, my existence is through.
The tears ‘you’ cried, I heard,
I felt all the suffering ‘you’ had.
I didn’t think that me being here,
Was only making ‘you’ mad.
Well, I am sorry for being formed,
There is nothing else I can even say.
Still, why did ‘you’ have to do it?
‘You’ threw my whole life away.
‘You’ never gave me a chance,
So ‘you’ did what ‘you’ thought was right.
‘You’ say that ‘you’ had not one regret,
But why couldn’t ‘you’ sleep that night?
I lived such a trivial life,
For, I was aborted on this biased day.
Just tell me what inspired ‘you,’
To take my precious life away,

Too Different

we're just too, too different!!!
we're two different people,
with two different minds,
and two different goals,
on two different boats,
in two different seas,
going two different ways,
on two different planets,
in two different galaxies,
in two different universes,
under two different gods...
why do I feel we're meant to be?

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Biographical sketch: 21 year old author and journalist from Atlanta, Georgia
presenting work from his latest book. Visit http://www.markanthonythomas.com for more information.

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