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Poems by Mander


Beautiful face
Hungry eyes
Lonely soul
Looking for answers
Finding only more problems
Her only way out
Is a route she doesn't want to take
Scared to move forward
But even more scared to be left behind
Her beauty will not last forever
Neither will her charm
What will she do?
Wither away.

River of Life

Swollen rivers
Wrinkled blue
With wind and rain
Giving new life
To old roots


Streaming wet bodies
Glide in and out of the water
With such graceful ease
Two black silhouettes
Against a dying sun
Beauty in a picture
Of still lives

The Gallows of Love

My love
In the gallows
Of your
Crimson heart


Weekends torn
By blue Mondays
Silence falls
As hands
Carry briefcases
To polluted jobs

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Biographical sketch: My name is Amanda Newcomb. I was born and raised near Richmond,VA in a small community called New Kent County. At the age of 18, I joined the U. S. Air Force, and have loved the almost two years that I have been in.

Mander recommends:

A Night Without Armor by Jewel

Reason: Jewel is a very talented writer. One of the best things about her style is that it's so open.
She's not afraid to put her feelings down on paper.

Recommendations for writers:

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you're writing is to always express your feelings. Let your emotions and your views of the world take over. And always write what you know. That makes it easier for you and other people to read and understand what you write.


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