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Poems by luna tear


i pick at the light,
and remind the reflections,
that i'm all alone.


it's all rolling down now,
stumbiling on my footsteps.
i stood there for an hour,
outside your car,
while the autumn leaves ran away in the wind,
ran away,
i envyed them so.
naked bathing.
the moment i abhorred.
i understood your eyes,
i understood the rear view mirror,
and i knew your feet would soon let go.
we fell apart,
under the bending of lights,
and above the yellow lines stained in rubber,
i caked my teeth in tooth paste,
my heart stopped to yawn,
the wood shattered,
underneath the glass of my eye.
so i guess this is my adieu to you,
my adieu to you,
my adieu to you,
my adieu to you.

the water fell out of place,
i almost felt like salt,
when you took a sip,
i felt your pulse,
fall a few steps short,
of my pleasure,
and a few steps ahead,
of my euphoria.
so i wrote a note on the back of your hand,
it disected itself,
before you fixated on my words,
i guess you washed me away to hard,
and i didn't clean you enough,
but i would arise,
every night,
out of my sleep,
and waited among the oak trees,
where cleanliness was trivial.
melee seemed so futile,
when we layed,
entwined in eachothers hair,
when i felt your blood type,
undergo metamorphsis,
just to fit in place with mine.
so i guess this is my weeping adieu to you,
my adieu to you,
my adieu to you,
my adieu to you.

i felt crestfallen,
for playing with guns and revolvers,
when we were only ready for tiny stones.
our youth,
dissapeared among the eruption of water,
in the throwing pond.
we were born,
and we wasted away to much,
we reached decay,
after disintegration.
we reached decay,
after disintegration.
we reached decay,
after disintegration.

i guess this...
my adieu to you,
my adieu to you,
my adieu...

letting the day trail-

i spent the night searching my room.

i undressed into warmth,
washed away the ashes on my face,
cleaned my hands of disease,
and disposed of cancer.

i folded my words softly,
and let out a sigh,
releasing the loneliness,
in breathes of smoke,
letting the day,
trail somewhere far behind.

i spent the night searching my room.

a chess piece out of place,
just another mile,
forgotten many days ago.

i spent the night searching for pieces.


i could of been,
sweeter than gin.


i sat for hours,
gazing at your inscriptions,
i could almost read your exoskeleton.
and i let words flow,
flow like your arms,
wrapped around the ever greens,
the blissfull anatomy of mermaids.
i used to call you my mermaid,
i used to wait by the shores,
of the Virgin Islands,
just to eat with you,
dine under the waves,
and the world would look so beautiful,
under currents of memories,
and delacacies.
we would write in the sand,
tell stories of princes and peasants,
when ebony was made of pearl,
and pearl made of ebony.
then one night,
you grew young,
and i grew old,
and i grew lungs,
i consumed air,
without cares,
or ribbons,
or mermaid scales,
you slipped away,
miles apart,
through our inscriptions in the sand,
our fragile language,
the way we would speak like the clouds,
and that day those clouds,
those clouds,
just evaporated away.

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Biographical sketch: i'm merely longing for sleep and maybe smiles

luna tear recommends:

House Of Incest by Anais Nin

Reason: Anais Nin is just simply incredible.

Recommendations for writers:

I think the most important thing to think about is nothing, just leave your mind a blank and slowly begin to fabricate a piece of art as the poem progresses.



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