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Overstrained walking in all of your shoes
I've come too far to stay inaudible
I seek shelter on your so called island,
your rock,
finding time to pick the broken glass from
my hands and feet
mock the inutility of my wings,
disregard my expendable words
rain fills your shallow puddles,
yet remains transparent
walked on,walked through
surely your lack of trepidation will not
indent,for you are sure the dead have no
memory,no reflection. tangled in the strings
of puppets,cant cut you free if you cant walk, broken back so I cant carry you
wounded from your refuse cant you kill me,
or are you satisfied with yourself

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lrnewman recommends:

The Raven by E.A. Poe
Reason: Unique expression of longing

Recommendations for writers:

Expression of what is felt at the moment of writing.


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