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Poems by lloyd


The rain sets free
scent the sun has burnt
deep in dead leaves -
dry whiffs tinctured with
a promise of life

Rain - hot-rock scent
for months crusted by
the reign of dust
Rain - till the stone breath
leavens the senses

Hear the drizzle
sing the cool evening
flood perceptions
- brain-washed young crickets
chirp the star-brush note

Speaking to clear
now - words would ring
from a veil's


Wasp-eye specs have
blue rays cut svelte
Teutonic features
down to male square gloom
scanning the terrace

Nobodies' fool
she's out of reach
inside an outfit
cool as guns about
where the last word hides

Feasting Self on
latent fashions
majority vote
provides her with clues
for Its fulfilment

Her repertoire
includes turbans
oriental wraps


Found yourself
born to a clan
but orphaned
from its fires?

Nurtured love
that constricted
though to give
felt like freedom?

In the dark
a child at large
at the find
of older ones?

It's over
you may live now
that all roots
have been severed

Chinese rose poem

I'll write rosebuds
- write the folded petals
blooming emboldened red
to have poetry find you -
turning what else there is
into pale fiction

Red rose petals
fanned out on silk tendons
that have them hold - as will
a poem - cup the fury of
the light they reach out to
in exchange for scent

All words I'll verse
into roses for you
to cover the dress that
sooths your lithe bronzed body
nudging petals into
flowery combat

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Biographical sketch: Lloyd Hofman (26.6.52 – asc. Cancer). Living a natural life in Auroville,
India. Writing poetry - scholar of I Ching.

lloyd recommends:

Forms of discovery by Yvor Winters

Reason: Winters gets under the skin of writing and writers; gets hold of the creative process.

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To intuitively grasp the following (by Juan Ramon Jimenez):

Wings and roots
But to let the wings grow roots
And the root fly


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