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Poems by Lionheart


Listen to my sacred call,
A thousand miles yet to take,
Hear my words and follow me,
Deep within the peaceful lake.

Make the sound of autumn's fade,
Hold your breath and think of light,
Sing the song of day's gone by,
Absent friends can now unite.

Past the lake and to the sea,
Birds of wisdom hear the call,
Echo's bounce beneath the waves,
Secret sins lie in their walls.

Can you see the eagles soar,
Calmly seeking victim's chance,
Roam the earth for endless nights,
Seek their mate with nature's dance.


A fire burns within your mind,
With jagged flames it hold you down,
To much to take in one reprieve,
The battle's lost before you frown.

They think they have you by the ear,
With word's that stab on every nerve,
The hurtful banter filled with jeer,
You send a look with foulest serve.

And then the pain with lasting sting,
Your anger torn with raging fight,
The simple slang is turned to hate,
You feel as big as smallest sight.

With constant phrase they dig a grave,
And try to end your tangled mind,
What torture lies beneath their cry,
Your banshee's dream makes their delight.

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Biographical sketch: Born In Manchester, England. 20 years of age.Open mind, fluent writing. I hate
stereotypes, and love every creation from the mind.

Lionheart recommends:

Mean time by Sylvia Plath

Reason: Simplicity. Full of power, yet subtle in it's approach. A collection to be read with your own views. Let the words tell you your story.

Recommendations for writers:

Don't ever be disheartened. Criticism is easily taken the wrong way. But just remember, judgement is experience, and experience is the soul of poetry.



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