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Seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,year,decades,centuries. Time
All things are measured by time,even more simplified by a clock. I stare at the clock as time slowly passes by. Seconds are like minutes,minutes like hours,hours like days. The clock consumes me,it swallows me whole like a shark and it's prey. It laughs at me with it's sarcastic second hand. It mimic's my every move, follows me through times of joy,and needles me through times of pain. As i get older and older, as the days pass on i have learned to understand the clock. I at one time believed I could co-exixst with the clock. I thought i could use it as a guide, like a map through life,but alas my feelings of true disdain, my abslute hatred of this man made device will allow no positive use of this devilish tool. The clock will no longer run my life as I have seen it do to so many others, good men, beautiful intelligent women, people of all races,creeds, and colors. There is no predjudice. We are all slaves.....

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Biographical sketch: Bill, from mass.

liam recommends:

seamus heaney by seamus heaney
Reason: the way he describes his homeland of Ireland,makes you feel as if you were there. Being of I rish descent it interests me.

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The most important aspect is to write what you feel, and what you know about because that way you can't be wrong


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