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Poems by L. Haase

In the Whispers of Eden

It appears every sunrise
the dew reflecting my tired eyes
and like lightening in a thunderstorm
the flowers electrify my vision
calling my name in colors
capturing my breath
and I become enraptured
by the garden
again and again
and my happiness
rides on the rays of the sun
feeding the soil
and the flowers nod
smiling back at me.
My name is whispered
and in a vision of vibrant colors
I realize I know Eden.

The Longing

In my youth
shadowed near our home
thrived a meadow
musing in butterflies
loving the earth in wildflowers
and here
I would frolic for hours
for companionship
when I had no one.
And now
as my memory allows
I write this
in the presence of a companion
for the meadow
which was once mine.

Vision in White

Heaven's eyes await
winter's ivory ode
descending slated clouds
in resplendent glow.

And gather they, gently
calling upon earth
while winter's chilling breath
begins to blow.

Fragile drifts
become graceful swans
and dreams are made
from falling snow.


The river smiled today
inviting me into sharp shadowed stillness
in faces of trees
enthroned upon the shore.

Gloriously crowned in white
unrivaled eyes of an eagle
befriended the soul of the universe
and I longed to be able to fly.

The calm placid water
mirrored deep soaring wings
and I and the river
profoundly sighed.


Like people gathered, mourning
the meadow bows in green prayer
and the winds of yesterday cry out
near to the tombstone
blank by purpose
worn from war
weathered grey.
The winds recall slavery
like fatal memories of unwise statesmen
with eyes reflecting
the hideous treatment
of human beings
and the tombstone stands
where the winds cry out of lesser men
while eternity embraces
the hero
the slave.

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Biographical sketch: Started writing poetry 5 years ago as the direct result of a spiritual experience. I am a published poet, and have published a book in England for FARA which is a Romanian Childrens Fund.

L. Haase recommends:

The Complete Works of William Wordsworth by William Wordsworth
Reason: The poems of Wordsworth are very romantic, and many deal with nature. His poetry is so inspiring, I read it often to keep my creative urges flowing. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" is one of my favorite Wordsworth poems.

Recommendations for writers:

It is important to be true to your feelings. Before actually writing a poem, think to yourself, how do I want to express this, and what words would best convey my expression.



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