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Old Love

It always amazes the old man
when he looks at the woman by his side
that the passing years have not changed her
since he took her for his bride.
His fading eyesight skips over
the wrinkled cheeks and brow
and lingers instead on the pretty girl sitting where the old woman sits now.
The blue-veined hands that rocked their babes and pulled him
closer each night, still fix his meals and pat his face and make
his world seem right.
He reaches over and picks up a hand worn with time like an old kid glove,
and he places a kiss in the pretty girl's palm - she will always be his love.
Now some say youth's passions are sweetest, and young love is far more sublime -
but the love of the old, like the purest of gold,
is refined in the furnace of time.

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Biographical sketch: Just coming into my own as a woman who knows how to love

LaFemPatti recommends: Rainbows by Unknown

Reason: Sentimental, belonged to my grandmother. Collection of eloquent old fashioned poems.

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Putting the whole range of emotions of life into words that will reach out and touch someone's heart



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