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Poems by KindBud

I don't think I can get any lonelier than right now,
It feels as though I got hit with a plow.
Voices in my head say go,
But when it's time my mind says no.
Feeling sick from the silence,
I creep slowly through the saturated violence.
It fills the air in which I breath,
Making me feel like I want to leave.
As death comes closer day by day,
I feel I should end this pain right away.
Killing these thoughts are painful and slow,
Wishing I had a girl to pleasure and love.

All my life I have been basically told,
That I'm a piece of shit and all I want is to get old.
But FUCK YOU! You know who you are,
Damn you for putting on such a scar.
Such a person should burn in fire,
Thinking about leaving, all it is, is a burning desire.

It feels like I have a growing disease,
and the only medicine, is a woman to please.
I don't understand why I'm like this,
I try to change but get nothing out of it.
And that is why I'm leaving this weekend,
To get away from this loneliness,
And the pain,
And the fire,
That I experience everyday.
Only if you understood,
Agree with me if you would.
I am on a search to find my medicine,
And if I fail I will have a long lonely life to answer to.

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