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Poems by Kendall Thompson


If you believe in him, and except him into your heart, he will erase all of your sins, and give you a fresh
start. If your lives gone wrong and your so deep, you can't climb out, I assure you that you can. This is
beyond any doubt. Just ask for forgiveness and he will give it to you. You'll be in heaven one day and Jesus
you'll come running to. No matter what you've done, all sin is equal in his eyes. Murder is equal to adultery
and adultery is equal to lies. My point is, no matter what you do, Jesus will always love you and when you meet
him you know it will come true but the truest thing is when he calls for you

Help Me Through

I'm stading here with my friends
Thinking about something no body knows
I know I should tell
But I always oppose
I know that he is my Dad and I love him very much
But I know for sure
That he touched places forbidden to touch
I prey that God will give me the strength
To do what I know is right
He will handle everything
And everything will end up all right
So I tell my best friend
And she tells me to tell the police
She said I would feel better
And that the anger will decrease
But I know it wasn't her
Who told me to do
It was God, Lord of my life
And I knew he would help me though.

This is to my very best friend Tiffany love you

Dance the Dance

When you become a Christian
It is a hard life all in all
Its so hard to build one up
And too easy to fall
One little step and you've gone astray
Then suddenly the skies become a dark and dreary gray.
Its like walking in his footsteps
Step exactly were he leads
Don't fallow anyone else
And he will supply all of your needs
Or when you were little
Dancing on your Daddy's feet
Except when your dancing with God
The dance is never complete
So if your willing to dance the dance
Or to fallow the footstep which he gives
Then let him come into your life
So a Christian life you'll live.

Thorny Stem

My life is very unique
Just like a yellow or red rose
Jesus made every one different
And each one is special in its own way
If all my petals were plucked from me
But I still owned my fragrance
Than I would still be known as a Rose
And not just as a thorny stem
But if I was to loose my fragrance
Then I would be nothing more than
Just a thorny stem
And join the other trash at the dump
Thats what we are without Jesus
Just a thorny stem
An empty and joyless body
Sad isn't it
Now it's up to you to try to get your fragrance
Because, right now, your nothing
But a fragrancless Rose
What good is that?


Running fast, going though
Mud, water, heat
Hurting ankles, bumping heads
Aching back and feet
Kicking goals, Kicking balls
Up and down the field
Fastly back and forth, up and down
Never going to yield
Stealing balls, making points
Playing for the win
Sweaty girls having fun
Working team together friends
working strategy
Good coach helping us
A coach who believes in me
The winning point, beating them
Always going to win
But only with the strength of God
And not the strength of men.

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Biographical sketch: 14 year old christian poet Love poetry and hopes to become a famous christain poet some day-female

Kendall Thompson recommends:

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Reason: It's just one poem I like the word useage and the true meaning of the poem

Recommendations for writers:

Don't write because your forced to write what you feel, you learn to express your feeling in your poetry and those poems are the best ones yet.


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