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Poems by Keisha


Feel the burning of the eternal flame, pressed against my soul so bare.
Disentegrating life and feeding blame, I have no love for us to share.
The rising sun beats down on me with hit unfit for sin.
Daylight comes to set me free and tear apart my kin.
The sea doth rise to penetrate, feeding the cravings I deprive.
My body dissolves to salts of hate; a sad ballad hinders compromise.
The killing grounds delay my eyes from keeping peace of mind.
Humanity decides to break all ties, leaving me behind.

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Biographical sketch: I am an 18 year old living in Dallas. I am an actress, a dancer, and a singer among other things. I see myself as a very passionate person, extremely outgoing, and someone who loves to try new things!

Keisha recommends:

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Reason: Anything by Robert Frost is extraordinary.

Recommendations for writers:

If you don't have passion, don't bother writing.


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