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Four Past Midnight

I wonder if everyone's mind,
bounces between time,
in and out of past, present and future like mine.

Do you also think like this?
wondering the whys and what-if's?
Riding emotional coasters again and again....

I try to maintain a level of positive,
not lingering in the depths of the negatives,
still breathing them both in deeply.

I sigh, laugh, cry and get mad
experience feelings in solids and plaids,
without sorting the colors or labeling them.

My mind's images of times gone by and times to come,
swirl through my heart, some escape through my tongue,
and my own ears are their only friend.

Purpose or madness? Useful or in spite?
Lessons for someone or my own guiding light?
In vain I tempt myself for the answers,
four past midnight.


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Biographical sketch: Someone who is up way too late at night.

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