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Poems by Juni (you-knee)

"Family Secrets"
You can call me Juni (you-knee).
I'm 24 years old with a pierced navel and an exposed belly.
I've had two lesbian relationships although I'm straight.
I am the granddaughter of a widowed good witch(age 88).
I can freeze time with one hand and travel through it.
My sister(age 22)is a good witch; she can hear thoughts and turn people into snakes temporarily.
(Once my sister turned me into a snake).
My hands can revert objects without touching them.
My mom(age 52)is a former white-lighter(a guardian angel for witches). She can hear thoughts and can appear
using magic.
My two aunts are witches; they transport using magic, and a third aunt had me breathing dragon fire-which I
relinquished through an incantation.
My male cousin is a shape-shifter with a one-year-old daughter.
I've been in the Book of Shadows with the Halliwell sisters and was stalked by an evil black cat that I
tried to kill.
Piper Halliwell helped me destroy evil enemies.
I vanquished a female ghost using witchcraft, but she came back.
I escaped an assassin, avoided enslavement, fought an evil clown, resisted the evil clown's mind
control, destroyed young mind controllers, escaped from zombies, and saved my sister from being kidnapped.

"Josef Goebbels' Lover"
*crossed over from "Family Secrets"*
I am Juni (you-knee).
I am Josef Goebbels' 24-year-old obsession, part Vietnamese, part Chinese and part white.
He's 19 years older, married with 6 children.
Magda (his wife) doesn't like me, but she knows about his endless love affairs with beautiful actresses.
I'm not an actress, but I'm Josef's latest obsession.
Magda thinks I'm stupid...and I met her.
Magda tells me to break up with him, but she can't divorce him.
Should I tell her that Josef and I kissed or that he gave me beautiful jewelry?
Or that Josef gave me a little too much wine to drink(hint,hint)?
What should I do? What should I do?
I gotta get out...disappear out of Goebbels' life.
I gotta get back to 2001.
Our final kiss...goodbye. Forever.
PS:I'm keeping the jewelry!

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Biographical sketch: I am 24 years old and part Vietnamese, part Chinese and part white. I am in
college currently studying computers but studying English as a major. I am related to two famous Vietnamese writers. Besides English, I have studied French, German and Vietnamese. I am currently studying Spanish. I have an above-average IQ and could read at the 11th grade level when I was in the 7th grade. I have been internationally published 2 years in a row.

Recommendations for writers:

Use your imagination...if you're inspired by something...act on it...write about it. It's a great way to get your emotions out. Dreams are also great...they put the imagination in your work.


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