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Poems by juliall


Be still
Settle down
Listen to your breath
Hear that?
Feel that?

It's the rhythm of your heart
Not the measure beating
Nor the anxious pulsing
It's the singing in your blood.

Stand tall
Sun rises
Be strong
The world is watching
Why tarry?
Are you ready?

It's the dawn of a bright creation
Just waiting for your reach
Just there beyond the beach
It's the calling in your blood.


The sun is kissing the buildings with its Midas touch
The blue-eyed sky blinks away the errant cloud
Dust-motes dance in the golden spotlight
But I am trapped in this molten cage.

Scurrying feet full of purpose pursue the streets
Earnest faces gaze hopefully out at the world
Eager and free and glad to just be
Still I remain in a case of glass.

Fluting warblers call from the avenue of trees
Friends sing out in welcome as they meet
The flowers smile as they lay at my feet
Yet I must stay and cannot leave.

Stop awhile and spend some time
Read the writing on the wall
Let my sacrifice be not in vain
Remember me though I am gone.


My worth is measured
all too often
by others who are
all too lacking
in any goodly degree
of happy self-worth.

I am
my own
Best Friend,
content to hold
my own counsel
keeping good company
with my five senses.

Capacity whole and full,
quota fulfilled,
heart and soul,
laughter and tears,
joy and sorrow,
life and limb,
taking pleasure
in just simply being.

So hear my
softly sigh
this glad refrain:
I am complete.
This is my soulsong
from my senseself.

Diablo made me do it!

I never had the faintest dream
That I could make Rebecca scream;
But after many a fine red wine,
It seemed a great idea at the time:
- Diablo made me do it!

The evening shone so merry and light,
Everything was feeling just right;
Then one Bright Spark
Suggested a Lark
- Diablo made me do it!

It was my one surefire Party Trick,
A better showstopper you'd never pick;
So I popped my gaping grin to show
My Toothey bite, oh holey cow
- Diablo made me do it!

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Biographical sketch: My previous lives have included being a waitress, teacher, copywriter, business
& admin support, & resource planner. Currently, I'm a business analyst for a telco. To retain my sanity, I work on my novel, paint and listen to my growing collection of ethnic and new age music. Sometimes, I go fishing with my husband (catch & release only).

juliall recommends:

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Reason: The imagery, the drama, humour and compassion, the subtle illustrations on life's lessons. Forget the Disney and Hollywood versions. Let your own imagination paint the stories for you. Read it!

Recommendations for writers:

I ask myself: How do I really feel? What do I want to say? Why do I feel this way? But above all, I try to let the poem 'write' itself. The sincerity will shine through if the words come from the soul. Anything 'contrived' will ring hollow with a sour note. Above all, strive to let the words sing it with feeling.

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