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Poems by Joyce Rogers

You can go and take the pain

with you.

You can go and take your

Lies too.

I can no longer live

This way...

But if only your love
could stay.

It could've been my hedge

Of protection.

It could've given me some

Kinda direction.

If I could've divided you

Into sections.

I would've dropped your junk and

Beheld your affections.

But I can't survive your love

Like this.

Even it passes out at the sight of

Your fist.

Your songs are old and your hits

Must go.

Your replays are endangering my

Life's flow...

But if only your love could have stayed...

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Biographical sketch: Joyce Rogers is 44 years old. As a child, her mother wrote and read poetry to her. The talent that her mother had as a poet is now held in Joyce's hand. She writes with clarity, compassion and with depth, due to her relationship with the Author of Life. Joyce has walked many paths in life and experienced a lot of things in a short period of time. By the time she was 22, she was an alcoholic, pot head and was selling pot to support her habits. At age 23 she met her knight in shining armor, James Rogers. He not only led her down the aisle, but he led her to Jesus. She has been married
to both of them for 21 years and have two boys and one girl.

Joyce Rogers recommends:

Psalms by David
Reason: Psalms, which is in the bible, has such a beautiful peetic flow

Recommendations for writers:

What purpose does it serve?
Is there a stirring can't be denied?


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