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Poems by Joseph Gilbert Gómez


Fugitive child, forlorn, groping through the steaming woodland;
stumbling, falling, drawing searing air to lungs and running,
lunging on; shuddering with the taste of vile and pungent vapors
all the while; crashing forward, lacerated, thrashing in despair,
sole violator of a pounding 'til astounding, enervating,
alienating silence of the mire; sliding and colliding through the
sweeping, creeping foliage; searching, squinting, lurching towards
the hinting of a clearing glinting in the distance; careening and
emerging into a dazzling expanse, eyes drowning in the crowning of
the Sungod overhead; blurredly perceiving harvest-laden,
captivating, trees of fruits and spruce; avidly anticipating sweet
and soothing juice; abruptly halting, jolting from a spectral
apparition; seeing, vision clearing, but a toiler of the soil
looming high and shimmering with rays of light, eclipsed and
quivering; sensing at a glance, in the toiler's eager stance and
the dance of outstretched arms, an end to running, a hearth at
last, and the inkling of a haven.

Fugitive child, now wide-eyed and grinning, in soul spinning ill
repose, ravished and enwombed deep within the Mother Earth.

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Biographical sketch: Born in Manhattan, living in Mexico. C.P.A., married, 3 children.

Joseph Gilbert Gómez recommends:

Collected Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe
Reason: Outstanding literary form; First visceral melodious, original and haunting.

Recommendations for writers:

First draft visceral, later drafts cerebral.



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