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Poems by Joseph D. Greenwood

Look to the sky
If you ever wonder why
The answers are all there
Waiting for your stare
The mysteries unfold
Like stories told
Under the fires of Orion
Around the festivals of old
A star streaks across the night
Like a lover in flight
A universe of holes
But where do they go
Nobody knows
Until the mysteries unfold

In the eyes of time
We are standing still
Past and present
All one line
Through psychic links
We jump the track
Into the future
Not looking back
The farther we reach
The further we go
Into imagination
And the mind below
An endless journey
Eternity's wake
Through the eyes of time
Not a moments wait

In the silence of my invisible room
I hear the screaming of a tortured moon
He watches over me you see
But also he begs for longevity
I cannot help you tortured moon
I'm trapped here in this invisible room
Walls of darkness surrounding me
Darkness darker than the prussian sea
But in my mind I still plainly see
The tortured moon watching over me
And still he begs for longevity
Dawn approaches and brings a new sun
But neither this day am I having fun
For I must stare and I must see
The bloody sun beating down on me
The sky on fire
The earth on crack
My fist pounds against the glass
A shock to the system
Adds truth to the lie
In my invisible room
I fear I will die

Hello my lovely friend
Has something changed in me
Or maybe in you
I see you only at midnight
Yet your beautiful face
And caring smile
Are like a fiery sun
Rising over my darkest mountain
Shine your light on me
So together we can see
And find the truth
Beneath these veils of lunacy
I hear a heart beating within you
A heart which is twin to your smile
And it gives me hope
Hope that someone somewhere
Can still matter to me
And I to them
I look into your eyes
And see a spirit filled with passion
Passion so intense it burns my soul
And I sense a love
So strong it nourishes me
Come to me my friend
So together we can be free
And never again feel lonely

Sliced through the cold today
Searching for my soul
Nothing to be found
Just a carcass in the ground
Deep beneath the earth
Deep within the darkness
Looking all around
But nothing to be found
Listening to the silence
Hoping for a sound
But nothing to be found
A silent tombstone standing naked
Weathered by the wind
Ravaged by the sun
We are the lonely one
Oh god I'm searching for my soul
Sold it for a penny
Now nothing to be found
A lonely carcass in the ground

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Biographical sketch: I believe creativity is the essence of our being, the caged spirit which we
must free in order to truly live.

Joseph D. Greenwood recommends:

The Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe
Reason: An excellent collection of Poe's brilliant works.

Recommendations for writers:

Limitation is death, imagination is infinite. Live in the infinite, and forever dream of things


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