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Poems by Joseph Allen Hardy (JAH Poetry)

Simple Dreams

Open your eyes
What is it that you see?
Is it your likeness
or mine?
What would you like it to be?
Does my lavishment lack
where yours sparkles?
Don't look to me
for your flamboyant fanciful delight.
For I am a man of but meager means,
treasuring all I can along the way.

See this bit of silver in my hand?
It has survived countless generations.
This evergreen coat covering these old bones?
Given to me by my father...
on the day of his unfortunate death.
He was a great man.

I am sitting here
just enjoying the skies.
So much sky.
Endless you might say.
My heart swells
at the sight of the geese
flying their southern dream.

It's the simple dreams
that make you realize
imagination can be reality.

Meadows, horses;
Flitting butterflies, soaring eagles;
Such things are simple dreams.
The imagination of God.
Reality in a pinch of thought.
The winking of an eye
was all these dreams took.

Isn't a dream an extended wink?
Ha! Got you to think.
Possibilities are always there.
Dream and I will be with you.
Imagine and your heart will grow.
It all depends on what you want inside.
What the heart desires can be reality.

Just wish and swirl those fanciful delights.
Breathe the breath of life
into the beautiful thing you have created.

Rolling plains, tender embraces;
flowing streams, happy times at Christmas;
It's the simple dreams
that spark the imagination
to create life's reality.

You look famished.
Go to sleep
and remember me in your dreams.

– Joseph Allen Hardy
December 11, 2000

Youth & Reminiscence

Sometimes we live life too fast
and yearn to take a seat.
At times our hearts thrive
to embark on life's journey.
And then there are other times...
when the youthful exuberance and elder wisdom entwine
and become as one
As the spokes of a wheel
unite to make a wagon advance along its way.

With arms embracing one another
The elders hold steadfastly to the exuberance.
With eyes of wildfire,
the youthful ones strive to discover
new breathtaking sunrises
and soothing sunsets.

As the journey of life continues,
wheels of strength and endurance,
there come times
when our eyes close
to focus on the wisdom of the past.

Many individuals note:
How can the past be another stepping
stone to my future?
One way is to embrace heartily
the experiences gained and
the losses and triumphs thereof.

"Gear up, my fellow companions,
and again turn the wheels of life."

A never ending story is written
through every path trod
and every heart touched.

High-spirited living
is like a fountain of youth
for one's soul.

If nothing else, take heart in this:
Keep the wheels constantly moving;
Don't fret over future endeavors.
Because the wheels turn in so many perfect circles,
we dare not try to fathom them all.

Completeness shall lie ahead for thee and thy loved ones.
I close my eyes and pray.

– Joseph Allen Hardy
October 3, 2000

Your eyes, they hypnotize me
Shining like emeralds
I am enchanted and my words of expression
Have escaped my mouth.
Your hair cascades in all directions
Shining brilliantly, incandescent to bystanders,
Callous hearts are unfit to set their eyes on you
Serene landscapes smile and the sun blushes upon seeing you.
Your lips, sweet as milk and honey
Pillowy and rosy in the harsh reality of the misprized faultness
Of human nature is a blessing,
Heartsome laughter.

(c) Joseph Allen Hardy
Tifton, GA
August 23, 2000

Broken Wings
When I’m not with you
I’m stranded on broken wings
Atop a mountain of countless sorrow.

For without you,
One less song my heart shall sing
My dejected soul would play blue songs in improper cadences.

The endless flow from my eyes
Would be as torrid rapids,
Alone with my broken wings.

I declared
Heaven was with you
An unfathomed path
For us to share
Untarnished, not despaired
But, without you
I’m flightless on broken wings.

You alone, are the antidote to my life’s many callous heartaches
My warrior against the un-romanticized fiend
Your warm embraces captivate the essence of my being
Your actions, the proof that I’m seeing,
That your love has truth abounding in faithfulness.
But all the flamboyant words I write cannot compare
With the words from my heart.

You see without you, I have no heart.
If you no longer presided by my side
It would feel as if a part of me had vanished.
Without you, I have no wings.

I have broken wings.

Treading a world of loneliness without you.

(c) Joseph Allen Hardy
Tifton, GA
August 23, 2000

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Biographical sketch: Joseph Allen Hardy is nineteen years old and is a student going to college in
Tifton, Georgia. He enjoys writing (mostly poems), singing, drawing, listening to music (the spice of life),
and being an all-around nice guy. His purpose of life is to brighten the lives of others. His motto is "carpe
diem" or "seize the day".

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Let your words flow from the heart. Do act harsh towards critcism. Look at it as perfecting


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