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Poems by Jose Jason L. Chancoco

Quissing Naked Muses

In poetry
Our thoughts collect
Where- [words hum
their own voices
whether for(ward)back
as radar
Colors are liplocks
that may refuse a keys
or anything non-pleomorphic
and f(in sing)ly]- else


Seeing vital entity touch
small parts of flesh
as water downpour down to esophagus
water downpour down to esophagus
touch small parts of flesh
as water I see touch

Parted hard seas grow gardens
from deserts grow rocks
into beasts grow water
into knives water
into knives where
small parts
of vital entity
see water down
to esophagus cut.

Parted hard seas ex-
tend roots suck nourishment
from corpulent parts of flesh
that see water touch to cut
small parts of vital entity
colliding to turmoil
more of hurried strife
that put down to size copies
of downpour down the esophagus
downpour down the esophagus
where I see water touch

Small parts of vital entity
flesh cut by water
I see cut.

Pyre Catcher's Dance
at the Equinox

The moment winged with light
abounds the voice's blood
abounds the might

The soaring flight of winds
like waves of fire
beings of flesh
beings of breath

Of visions scattered well
electrifying galaxies
flowing still

in each ecstatic blot
of perfumed ink
they making love
with joy of sounds
macropoetical pounds
to wake the drums
of staccato nights.

Post Modernist Aftermath

Scribbling a blank wall of air
Visions spawn tangible stars
Reachable scratches of sounds
Waltzing with the eyes
Dances of chrysanthemums in mud
Gold in ones spectrum
Perhaps a dream awakened
But still a dream
Not until tongues of pyre
Play not only in ones mouth
But extend in a kiss
When songs fail to touch

Crucified in a wall
Bleeding moments to beauty
Countenance of a passer-by
Indifferent but page worthy
So I sacrifice a muse to canonize
This crystallized randomness
Inspired by the rain
Tap dancing in the rooftop
Staccato flowing
Juices of sublimity
Adrift in this ethereal realm

The moon overcomes her tantrums
She now balloons in my forehead
Winged by her brightness
Jeweled by her stars
In her galvanized stage
A cat tip toes to steal the view
Modeling her black furs
Embarrassing the stars
With her glaring stares.

A man with a guitar
Serenading the night
With footsteps that whine
The blueness of the stars.

10 P.M. At the Lagoon

Walls bind music
to the rooms.

But the Ever-Maestro
in flesh, in cells...

in hearts perhaps,
is itinerant as desire

and chooses no square
to stage the dance.

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Biographical sketch: I was associate editor of The Advocate and a recipient of the grand prize of Transition Literary Contest in English.

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