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Poems by Jos Carboni

Bended Knee

He came to me on bended knee
And said He wanted to die for me
For the sin of His Father
To be born in Holy water
His Mother, never to have known a man
Gave birth to He, who was to die
On a tree
The limbs to hold His arms
The roots to drink His blood

I said “No! Please, don’t die!’
“ I am not worthy to be with Thee!’
So I raised Him from His bended knee
And saw the love He had for me
For He lived the pain I was in
And cried the tears
I buried deep inside of me

So I walked Him up upon the hill
And watched as he died for me
I heard the Angels sing
As He breathed His last for me
I could not walk the steps
He walked
As I left Him there upon the hill

I asked you not to die for me
For I am not worthy to be with Thee

So I come to you on bended knee
And say please can I be born in Thee

Shelter of My Thoughts

As I reach out to touch
The love within the dream
In slumbers last repose
I remember that love has flown
On wings of not ever
Reaching the never near

In the shelter of my thoughts
I feel the memory
Like boughs in the storm
I bent to the need
Removed from the garden
Before the fruit was bitten

Can I remember
The haze of a dream
Seen through
The love of a memory
While the rains of desire
Erodes the feelings of the storm

In the shelter of my thoughts
I gift wrap a dream
The card will read
“Do Not Open – Till Desire Wanes”

Expounds My Heart

Expounds my heart
With words of wonder
As all my thoughts
Burn asunder
Until we plunder
At loves tasty fruit
Two fools
In love
But who keeps score
Not I - said the dowager of thought

I Walked the Night

And the night was dark
As the blackest heart
And my soul did walk
In the darkest part

The stars weren’t there
No assuring light
Hiding in fear
>From the darkest night

And the moon I felt
Though could not see
Moving the tides
Moving in me

While the wind
Did scream
And tore at me
It could not match
The pain in me

And the rains
Did fall
And I could not feel
As I walked the night
In the darkest part

End Of Time

When darkness fell
Upon the night
And all the gods
Could not make light

The horsemen
Numbered -one to four
Prepared to mount
Their steeds, so old

While, Gabriel's horn
Lay silent
Heavens gates did crumble
And Hell's fire
Burned no more
As angels fell
Like snow

The horsemen rode
Across the land
The first to die
Was eternity
Then death fell silent
Below the cloven hooves

Oceans dried
Lay flat
And stars cried
Upon the night

The horsemen road
Left naught behind

And once they reached
The end of time

Turned to dust
As was their destiny

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Biographical sketch: Writing poetry and short stories for the last 30 yrs.

Jos Carboni recommends:

The Raven by Poe
Reason: Its macabre nature

Recommendations for writers:

Writing your emotions and feelings. Using them to the best of your ability.


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