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Poems by Jordan


An arduous task exists
begin to mask the signs of this,
as if one day it'll disappear

Spurned aggression lies
burning in submissive eyes
stirring up my fears

At the feet of promise, chained
living with disdain
What is this effigy?

That seeks control of thoughts
ambivalent and lost
cloaked in secrecy

Soaked in hollow scenes
keeping distant dreams
veiled in mystery

Maybe it's an aberration of who I thought I was
or who I hoped to be

At risk my buoyancy and pride
with frequency attempt to hide
what happens to my life

Dissolving gradually within,
trepidation is my sin
I sleep with it at night


My history has been falsified
Half truths, deception, wicked lies
They try to hide the things I did,
like stone-henge and the pyramids

My truth is where the pharaohs' cry,
beneath the wings of Gods and such
They throw me bits and pieces, lies
and tell me that I didn't do much

My history soars where eagles fly,
but still few men have yet to try
uncover and discover things
They're strapped upon a borrowed wing

My crime is that I will not help
any man be greater than myself
To erase and change the history books
and subsidize the lies of crooks


Some wonder where my anger lies
They ponder why I can't let go
It's rooted in my captured eyes
It fans the flames of hopeless souls
'Cause everytime my brethren dies
it serves to validate the case
assists the hands of genocide
and helps destroy my potent race
Some wonder why my instincts blame
the ones who manufacture death
They say it's us who kill and maim
Deceitful lies with every breath
Uncover minds of troubled youth
Discover what controls their pain
Searching for unfiltered truth
Discover why my instincts blame

Should I Bleed

Is this the calm before the storm?
Guns so cold, hearts so warm
Should I yell or scream aloud?
Should I assimilate with the crowd?
Whispers hear, talking there
my sufferings silent, but I do care
Should I stand hardened like a stone
and feel for those who kill their own?
Should I soften like a sore
and help these criminals that start wars?
Should I sing the song of cowards
strength diminishing every hour?
Should I fight and be so brave when
there's a country I have no stake in?
Should I bleed for those who kill
murder babies, soften will?
No true reason, my heart defies
I'm a puppet they tell me lies
Should I bleed for those who figure
that I'm nothing more than a nigger?
Should I dread the when and why
or like a child should I cry?
I bleed for those who bled for me
and fought for years for the right to be free
Deceptive tales and people with nerve
controlling lives and they didn't serve
a country old and rich with hate
in its own defenseless state
I bleed for Garvey, Tubman, Vessey
I cry for Martin, Malcolm and justice

I Am You

I roam in search of understanding
escaping the heavy burden of potential placed upon me at birth. My search uncovers little empathy for those who
don't succeed.
I roam in hopes to find a meaning to life
and what it's worth, but all I find is greed.
I am you without the means to explore
I am you without the will to ignore
I am you but I'm in need

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Biographical sketch: Revolutionary, without a revolution who believes in challenging the norm that rules
our world. If you don't have anything to fight for you haven't looked hard enough.

Jordan recommends:

Langston Hughes by The Collected Writings of Langston Hughes

Reason: The book is filled with poetry and prose that is in a word, invasive. Nothing is spared in
terms of privacy or self interest.

Recommendations for writers:

Be truthful and honest to your writing even if it hurts. Poetry by nature is painful and brutally honest. If we could speak everything we wrote we wouldn't need feel compelled to write.



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