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Poems by Jonathan Jones


Soap glow
ache and the
shape of your
mouth, half
sated, lingers,
red as the
slow cooling
wax of a private
seal, that you
press with
a capital


I suspect you would explain
it all to me by tracing
shadows with your hands.
A language that leaves
nothing to erase only the echo
of your moonfine face
that night, the oldest school
of modern theatre. A secret
form of fire that flickers
wasted on its own illusion.
A silent film set long ago
in outer space.


The truth is, I never expected
you to come to life so quickly
and with such success. Your
heart inspired by Dr Seuss and
disco music, more or less. The
dark humid mist of your body,
that whispering dress. A
creature of cream soda
chemistry, eyes by film noir.

If I'd only remembered your
ears you'd be perfect.


Slowly you spoon yourself
over without spilling what
you bring me. Overdose each
sense to coax a perfect six
performance as I watch you
fill your water pail, to
empty in my hands a perfect
thirst from which I sip you
dry as blue in late July.
For now I cannot feel you
as you trickle through my
hands. Yet still you serve
me thirst from long tall
glasses in the burning shade.


The next time you see me,
these Carousels will long
since have been burned
like so many bridges. The city
will start itself over,
remembering nothing.
I have been there now,
to that place where the dead
have stayed dead, I could
not find you. Your eyes
that have taken my eyes
and made all men my enemy.

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Biographical sketch: I am twenty six years old and in 1999 graduated from Bath Spa with my MA in
Creative Writing.

Jonathan Jones recommends:

The collected works of Dorothy Parker. by Dorothy Parker
Reason: This is the definitive collection of Dorothy Parker's verse and short stories. What makes
it extraordinary is not only her acid wit but the economy of language which she uses.

Recommendations for writers:

I think when writing poetry the most important thing to think about is whether you're being honest with yourself in terms of what it is you are trying to express to your reader. Poetry for me should have the effect of a good left hook, powerful, intended to stun and surprise.


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