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Poems by Jocelyn


Imagination is key
To every minute spent with You
It's like moonlit waltzes
On pattern covered floors
Deep silhouettes dancing
Gracefullly against each other
Shadow walking together
Quiet storm echoing in the background
Then one eyelid
Then two
Awakened from the romance surrounding you
Daydreaming of escapades
Every minute spent with you
Captivating my imagination
Concentration peaking
Holding on to one the two
Imagination is key
Until time deepens your Silhouette
With me the minutes run gracefully against each other
Surrounding you is romance
Romance surrounding me
In deep silhouettes
Only left daydreaming
Until time deepens your Silhouette

>From I to You

A moment spent creating
A special idea
Effort and mood
Of this moment
Not costing the
Least in displeasure
Just a mere gratitude
You're worth the idea
Small and grand in size
No matter does it
Just so it's to you from I

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Biographical sketch: African American, age 29 & a Virgo, love of music, poetry,
Indiana University Bachelorate in Telecommunications and Afro American Studies

Jocelyn recommends:

The Maya Angelou Collection by Maya Angelou
Reason: Maya Angelou's Collection of poems is very diverse in content, humorous, serious and admirable.

Recommendations for writers:

It's your expression, a written picture.


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