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Poems by jjhogan


Rivulets of sand
course down
aoelian sculpted striations
of scarified dunes held
captive or ensconsed?
by a sinuous strand.

Fragmented memories of crystalline quartz
scattered about the strand
by infinite saline

Alluvial gatherings of memory
once whole
now angular and facetted.

Perspectives altered.
Contexts changed.

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Biographical sketch: A married guy w/ two kids w/ unrequited poetry ambitons, kinda like C.B.'s little
red haired girl.

jjhogan recommends:

masefield and frost by masefield and frost

Reason: frost; one could do worse than be a swinger of birches, or be where the wind is like a whetted knife. Not this is not poetry that is obscure in its simile and metaphor but is real and experienced.

Recommendations for writers:

meter is important but it should not be obviouse like in Shelly's or Byron's poetry.


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