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Poems by Jessickah

All in a Moment...

That embrace, the touch of cranberry kisses
An essence of no earth or fire
Wind or water crawling through my hair
Photographs of your lips on my moist neck
Authoritative to my last breath of air
Some soft butterfly resting on my breast
The sole stillness of powder wings
Memory of gentle eyes fixed quietly
Still burning life all around it
The ashes smeared faintly down my back
Diluted by eternity
Small fragments of a rose petal
Magnified under one hundred passions
"Only forever and always,"
As stomata releases the dew of life
Mountains formed over mouths
The constant reminder of this moment
And this, like this is tender
-The place where no hand can reach
..The womb of my soul.


The touch of you, a friend
The long lost assurance whispers again
Your eyes never left me once
You know I cherish your presence
Come see me through those dreams
My soul winks to you, love
Through clutter and clamor
What more to be than nothing at all!
Everything is nonsense to me, fools!
I am humble.
I am nothing.
..I am you.


You can't see through me
Even though you sit on trial before this
But thanks anyway for the flattering gesture
Of taking my responses before I offer...
I fear you plot this
The longer I stay the more connected we are
Though silent, you're burned with words
That are dying to be set free...
You can't justify my motives
Or defile my inspiration!
Besides, you are merely a sunrise!
..You have no power over me.

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Biographical sketch: My name is Jessickah Stephenson, and spend most of my time as an observer of action versus reaction, and fun things like that...

Jessickah recommends:

The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks with John Moyne

Reason: This anthology is compiled in an unordinary fashion, as compared to the typical chronological order used by other mainstream Rumi translators. This simple quality brings more of an understanding to the finalization and analization of each individual poem and chapter, bringing relevance and reassurance to the reader, as opposed to confusion.

Recommendations for writers:

Don't think about anything when writing poetry! The best poetry comes from impulse. Disecting every square inch of a problem in life can distract from the obvious solution to the problem, just as analizing one's poetry while writing takes more and more away from the purpose until there is nothing left... Avoiding this is, as I know, easier said than done. But I guess that it stands true: "You are your own worst critic."


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