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Poems by Jessica Weiner

Rhythm of My Heart

Lying naked,
on my crescent moon,
I dance to the sound of the stars
as his hands caress my hips.
Moving me to the rhythm he
holds in his heart,
so I can feel him more then I can
feel myself.
My own heart beats,
trying to find love, trying to put back the pieces
of my shattered mind, trying to find me.

Satin fingers
slide over his sugar
plum lips,
and the numbness comes back to my body.
like a kitten,
he runs his fingers
along my stomach
counting all the ribs he can feel,
"Honey, make me pure."
Tears erupt from my eyes
they fall from my wrists,
leaving transparent white dots on his
carmel chest.
His amber eyes
stare into mine,
as though he's searching for my soul,
only he can't find it.
Chewing on his bottom lip
he says
"Honey, you have no soul, no heart and a shattered mind
but you have something worth more then that,
you are pure."

Tears fade
almost like a dream
and he caresses my hips
so i dance,
trying to find the rhythm of my heart.


She lays,
eyes closed to the world,
athough they are wide open.

Her star shines,
she's reached her final

dance glitter
onto her finger tips,
suck the juices
from the flowers
in her hair,
before they wilt.
the faeries dance
around her.
Trying to devore
her Beauty.

Different Thoughts

Every wish I've decided
To make,
Waste a star
And I'm all locked up,
in your heart.
My footsteps
Echoing in your
My only words
Remembered in spite.

Devils grin,
Upon his face
And he hides
In the shadows,
afraid of the light.
Unaware of the
Pain shinning
Out of his eyes.

Dancing, Shimmering.
She shines as
Bright as the
Brightest star,
Begging for the night to never end.
Scared of being alone,
during the day.
Scared of what the
Sunlight might bring.
Secrets forever locked away
In her heart,
Might come out,
but only after midnight.

Forgotten words
Flow down a
Empty street,
on a mid fall night.
Secret words, almost forgotten,
Never mentioned in all this silence,
flow right into her ear.

The wrong person to hear
All my
Cries and passions,
Cause she doesn't care.
Nothing matters,
her face in denial.
Cause she's looking to be a
Good girl.
Looking to see his face in another shade.

These Lilly girls
Just keep showing up.
Nothing seems to get
Them away.
They try to be
Just like her.
Telling her all these secrets,
But she just doesn't care.
Her face,
Rosie cheeks,
ribbons all up in her hair.
Maybe one day they will be
Just like her.

Never turn off any lights,
Always afraid of what the
Darkness might bring.

She has her favorite shoes on,
Nothing can happen to her today.
Allusions always win.
When everyone's got their backs turned,
His face in the light,
Looks like something out of the ordinary.
Maybe cause he's tried to hard to be normal.

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Biographical sketch: I am 16 years old and a Junior in high school. I have been writing for as long as I
can remember.

Jessica Weiner recommends:

The Hanged Man by Francesca lia Block

Reason: I know that she isn't a poet, but her books speak to me like poetry. This one book inspired me in many ways. It/she has totally influnced my writing and the way I take things in perspective.

Recommendations for writers:

Be free. Be true to yourself and Don't be afraid of your emotions, they will guide you.



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