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Poems by Jeremy R Jacobs


step by step
carry my bags for appreciation
listen to the wind sweep by
forked roads before me
who has created this divide,
but I, alone


I'll choose a route unpaved
those constructions aren't necessary for the soul that knows his way.


I can see the end
open to an infinite
dreams of dramatic closure
but not all that unwelcome

life is power-hungry
understood dilemma
only itself to feast upon
dreaming soul survives, yet

ever-lasting slumber
cinematic presentation
only for the one who questions
revelation under cover of night

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Biographical sketch: I consider my poetry to be, more or less, a dramatic (or subtle) journal entry, to
represent a point in my life with more honesty, but in a less threatening way. (well, sort of.)

Jeremy R Jacobs recommends:

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Reason: it's nothing more than one man's insight into the world and it's attachments which can be quite enlightening. It's in many ways simple, and yet, has so many layers to peel away.

Recommendations for writers:

my recommendations for anyone, whether a writer or a martyr, is to consider the criticsm received openly, but trust your instincts.


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