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God's Gift

When God made the flowing waters
Their beauty He gave to you
As the mountains rise to meet the sun
I'll rise to meet you too
If I could witness all creation
What a joy it is to share
For earth is like heaven to me
Because God placed you there
For the reasons for my happiness
There's so much you've helped me through
My life was not God's gift to me
God's gift to me was you.

So another year has escaped us
There's still so many more to see
Time has not changed your beauty
It still amazes me
For the rainbow is never changing
The stars will never fade
I'd sacrifice all I have for you
To treasure the joy you made
For the reasons for my happiness
Are found in the little things you do
My life was not God's gift to me
God's gift to me was you.


Stuck in a world
No way of escape
All is my fault
I caused my own fate
Grief I withheld
>From days long ago
Guilt I now feel
>From words that none know
My heart pounding hard
My eyes fell with tears
Locked in a vault
The vault I did build
One can't take back words
Like walls can't unbuild

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Biographical sketch: I'm in 8th grade, been bored a little lately, and found a new passion, poetry I've
been writing ever since.

jeffneong recommends:

The Best of Edgar Allen Poe by Edgar Allen POE
Reason: The book highlights all of Poe's best work,"A Dream Within A Dream", "Annabel Lee", all of the poems that touched your heart and you'll never forget.

Recommendations for writers:

The key to writing poetry is be yourself, remove all the masks you hide behind because you're afraid of showing your real self that you are vulnerable, you have flaws, but writing poetry is the best way to put all your feelings down on paper and not be criticized.


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